Our School

Lakeview School is a U5 decile 2 full primary school positioned on the north-eastern corner of Masterton with approximately 465 students from years 1-8. Lakeview School was formed in 2004 following the merger of three schools: Hiona Intermediate School, Totara Drive School, and Lansdowne School.

We are a vibrant school community – around 55% of our students are Māori, 36% Pakeha and about 9% Pasifika. Lakeview School celebrates the cultural diversity within its community. In recognition of Māori being the Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa, we integrate te reo and tikanga Māori into our daily activities and celebrations. The Board of Trustees also recognises its obligation to the Treaty of Waitangi, which is reflected in its policies. Through compulsory programmes for all students Lakeview School will take all reasonable steps to provide instruction in tikanga Māori and te reo Māori.

Lakeview School is committed to providing high quality education to our students, with our commitment reflected in our resourcing and teaching programmes.

Vision Statement: Engaged and Empowered to achieve Excellence

Engaged: Students are more likely to be engaged when they can make links to prior learning, they know the expected outcomes, and find the learning meaningful. Critical to engagement is ownership; a sense of being involved in setting next steps and understanding the purpose, rather than it all being done for and to them.

Empowered: Students who are empowered know the what, why and how of their learning. They are clear on the next steps and work in partnership with peers, their teacher and others to achieve them.

Excellence: Students can excel in a variety of fields, not only academically but also culturally, socially and with sport. Students who are excelling, live by our learner qualities and strive to do their best.


Kindness: We are kind and caring

Excellence: We always try our best

Integrity: We are honest

Respect: We listen to and follow instructions .

Resilience: We show grit and determination

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