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Lakeview adds lavalava to uniform

Lakeview School has taken embracing cultural diversity to a whole new level this year with the inclusion of a new uniform item.

The 2019 school year will see its male students given the option to wear a lavalava — a traditional clothing item worn by Pacific Island males. Click here to read more

Lakeview School win Super 10 sports title

Lakeview School have won the Super 10 Intermediate Sports Competition for the very first time.

The Super 10 competition runs throughout the year and features a range of different sports, while schools take turns to host different sports ... click here to read more

Clean slate earns free lunch

Most pupils at Lakeview School are no longer afraid of being sent to the principal’s office.

This week, a group of pupils were chosen to join principal Tim Nelson for a free lunch of Subway sandwiches as a reward for consistent good behaviour ... click here to read more

Masterton’s answer to SIX60 takes top award

Seven Wairarapa students are aiming to become the next SIX60 after winning Wellington’s Battle of the Bands.

The group of Year 7 and 8 Lakeview School students known as Island Crew performed in front of an 150-strong audience at the Southward Car Museum in the capital city last week. Click here to read more

Ruth’s the primary photographer

It may have been Ruth Lagolago’s first competition but she made sure she left her mark.

The eight-year-old Lakeview School student took out the Year 3 and 4 Living Category section as well as being awarded 2018 Overall Winner in the annual Wairarapa Primary Schools Photography Awards last week. Click here to read more

Van Transition Timely

Old bomb to fresh wheels

A van with ‘no grunt’, which stalled, ‘would spew out smoke’ and was difficult to lock and unlock is no longer an embarrassment for Lakeview pupils. Click here to read more